Debbie Morton 4 Students
Debbie Morton 4 Students
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Debbie Morton
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Debbie Morton

Vista School Board Candidate for Area 2

About Debbie Morton

Debbie retired from teaching in 2017 from Vista Unified School District schools after 24 years of service. She and her husband are parents to four VUSD-educated daughters. Four of Debbie’s seven grandchildren have or currently attend VUSD schools. She is actively involved in her children’s and grandchildren’s education and overall lives. As a long-time teacher, she knows first-hand what is going on in the classroom and what needs to be fixed or changed. She understands how the district operates and how the budget works. The students and parents of VUSD need Debbie as their voice. She will ensure that they are heard.

Candidate Statement

  • Fiscally responsible: I understand that financial solvency is a long-game and will ensure that the district be held accountable for all moneys.
  • Good steward of taxpayers' dollars: I seek to squeeze value out of every penny and will ensure no funds are wasted on needless items.
  • Transparent: I prize communication that is up-front, straightforward and high-minded, now and always. I also know that when something is confidential, it must stay that way.
  • Traditional, yet innovative: I believe in returning to what works -- reading, writing and arithmetic -- but I also value modern advances in education if they are proven to work.
  • Inclusive: I champion parents' rights to participate in and direct their children's education from day one.

My Platform

  • Safety First. Ensure there is a safety plan for all schools and all students are safe.
  • Prioritize Social/Emotional Well Being. Protect the well-being of all students. Bring back more noon duty aides, add additional support staff, more counselors, and nurses at every site everyday.
  • Improve Curriculum. A rich curriculum will ensure that children have opportunities to expand their learning and development.
  • Spend Taxpayers' Money on Students. Keep cuts as far away from students as possible.
  • Repair Schools. Make VUSD a district that is desirable to all parents and caregivers. This will raise property values and bring more money to the community and the district.
  • Promote the Trade Professions. Let's show students that the trade professions are a good option for those who choose not to attend college.
  • Students Taught = 650+
  • Parent Conferences = 1000+
  • Parent Volunteers = 200+
  • Lesson Planning/Curriculum Development = 200 hours+
  • Years of Grade Level Lead = 20
  • Number of Student Teachers = 19

No Party Preference


  • RBV Aquatic Foundation - Secretary
  • School Site Council for Rancho Buena Vista - Parent Rep
  • School Site Council for Madison - Parent Rep
  • District Committees
  • Personalized Learning Steering
  • Facilities
  • Boundaries
  • School Start/End Times
  • District Parent Advisory
  • Language Arts Adoption
  • Math Adoption
  • Math Committee
  • Early Childhood Committee
  • Calendar Committee
  • Volunteered at PTA Functions
  • Children's Ministries at North Coast Church
Vista Teachers Association
  • Site Rep, Treasurer, Elementary Rep, Bargaining Member
California Teachers Association
  • Local Rep, School Budget Committee
National Educators Association Rep


District Map (Area 2)

  VUSD Area Two